1. In 2010, the company obtained the ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 certifications for its commitment to quality management and environmental control respectively. 
  2. In 2011, the phase II of PPSEZ commenced with the construction of factory units and many additional infrastructure such as roads and drainage to secure new investors. 
  3. In 2014, the company purchased approximately 52.95 HA of vacant land in Banteay Meanchey to develop Poipet PPSEZ. 

Phnom Penh SEZ, Plc (“PPSP”) are the developer and operator of Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (“PPSEZ”) and Poipet PP SEZ (“Poipet PPSEZ”). We received the approval as a developer and operator of a multi-product SEZ from the Royal Government of Cambodia on 19 April 2006, on an SEZ in the proximity of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, with the main purpose of developing industrial land for sale/lease. It is also involved in supplying other relevant services and facilities within PPSEZ such as wastewater treatment, supply and distribution of treated water, rental service, infrastructure maintenance, advisory service and administration support, security services, independent power production and distribution and dry pot services to the zone tenants of PPSEZ. PPSEZ retained the highest number of zone investors among all the 34 approved SEZs in Cambodia with measuring of approximately 357.32 HA.

Year of established 2006
Number of employee 100
Auditor BDO (Cambodia) Limited
Future Plan
  1. Acquisition of additional land around the zone
  2. Diversification in types of zone investors
  3. Generation of recurring revenue for a sustainable business model 
Net Income 6,785.63 ( Mil. KHR)
Revenue 36,881.63 ( Mil. KHR)
Industry SEZ Developer
Address National Road No.4, Khan Posenchey, PP
Telephone +855 (0)17 945 160 - Mr. Chea Vanna
E-mail sales@ppsez.com
Website http://www.ppsez.com
1. L. Oknha Lim Chhiv Ho Non-Executive Chairman
2. Mr. Hiroshi Uematsu Executive Director and CEO
3. Mr. Tan Kak Khun Non-Executive Director
4. Ms. Tan Soeun Muoy Non-Executive Director
5. Mr. Hiroshi Otsubo Non-Executive Director
6. Mr. Kenji Toyota Non-Executive Director
7. Mr. Tanate Piriyothinkul Non-Executive Director
8. Mr. Kang Wei Geih Independent Director
9. Mr. Hem Sovath Independent Director


PPSEZ has been establishing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity once a year. This activity is oriented to make constructions to the local communities to help them overcome some daily life difficulties and meet some of their needs.

On December 31st, 2013, we celebrated the handover Ceremony of the newly repaired road to the community of Tachet Village. The ceremony was to mark the result of our 6th Project of the CSR in which a commune road of 750 Meter in length and 4 Meter in wide was repaired.

Phnom Penh SEZ team including top management gathered for the opening ceremony of a new library at Ang Boeng Chok Primary School, in Chum Teav Mao village.

(Mil. KHR)
2016 2017 2018
Asset 226,709.85 232,632.01 349,716.03
Cash 9,736.23 10,177.70 7,490.87
Account Receivable 38,948.58 40,686.95 103,822.94
Inventories 69.00 75,458.20 131,439.41
Current assets 117,955.26 126,322.85 242,872.04
Property, Plant and Equipment 59,645.81 54,895.64 56,220.28
Liabilities 80,399.98 78,818.95 146,882.62
Account Payable 5,592.67 4,255.24 44,906.03
Current liabilities 23,109.94 14,682.81 83,767.03
Equity 146,309.87 153,543.06 202,833.40
Share capital 116,820.69 116,820.69 144,396.88
Retained Earnings 22,531.24 28,340.95 38,173.64
2016 2017 2018
Revenue 38,190.45 36,881.63 59,423.77
Gross Profit 26.00 26,383.47 38,556.46
Earnings Before Interest & Tax 9,522.08 10,645.00 18,223.16
Net Income 5,836.18 6,785.63 11,803.58
2016 2017 2018
Operating Cash Flow (13,663.67) 2,958.76 (44,838.96)
Investing Cash Flow (11,916.78) (3,318.35) (7,763.18)
Financing Cash Flow 33,840.33 801.07 49,963.20
Net Cash Flow 8,259.88 441.47 (2,638.93)
IPO price (KHR) 2,860
Par Value (KHR) 2,000
No. of listed shares 71,875,000
No. of issued shares 25,575,000
1st trading date 30-May-2016
1st closing price 2,890
2016 2017 2018
Type of dividend Cash Cash Cash
Period of dividend - 2016 2017
Total dividend - KHR 1,167,236,000 KHR 1,389,000,000
Dividend payout ratio - 20% 20.47%
Dividend per share - KHR 20.17 KHR 24
Dividend yield - 0.71% 0.85%
Record date - 29-May-2017 23-Jul-2018
Payment date - 08-Jun-2017 31-Jul-2018

The Board has adopted the profit plough back policy, for the FY 2015 and onwards, according to which the ability to pay dividends or make other form of distributions to shareholders will depend upon a number of factors, including but not limited as the following:

  1. The financial position including cash flow and liquidity position, gearing and surplus of group;
  2. The expected financial performance including profitability condition of the group;
  3. The availability of the working capital including funds allocation for capital expenditures and future investment plans of the group; and
  4. The existing and future debt obligations and interest expenses of the group.

Following consideration as stated in points (i) to (iv) above, the company targets a dividend payout ratio of not less than 20% of consolidated profit attributable to the company's equity holders under the guidance of CIFRS. Investors should note that this dividend policy merely describes the company's present intention and shall not constitute legally binding statements in respect to its future dividends that are subject to modification (including non-declaration thereof) at the Board's discretion.

2015 2016 2017
16.88% 4.55% 4.53%
8.76% 2.76% 2.96%
EPS (KHR)[6]
360.42 109.84 117.00
Current Ratio 2.98% 5.1% 8.60%
Gross profit margin 62.85% 69.57% -%
Operating profit margin 37.58% 24.93% -%
Net profit margin 25.16% 15.28% -%
Sales growth rate -30.29% -42.42% -%