Getting Started

CSX - Stock Investment

Why do you have to invest in stock?

  1. Liquidity (Immediate sell and buy)
  2. Very low transaction cost
  3. Freedom to work at any places
  4. Easy monitoring 
  5. Being able to maximize return with low risk

Ownership of equity will often entitle investors to a portion of the company’s profits through dividends. Shareholders are the owners of the business and share the success or failure of the business. 

Stock Trading

In order to start trading, investors have to:

Step 1: Request Investor ID ( directly to SECC or through a Securities Firm)

Step 2: Open a Trading Account with a Securities Firm 

  • All you need are:
  • - Citizen ID/Passport 
  • - Photo 4*6 
  • - An Investor ID
  • - A Bank Account in KHR currency (Optional)

Step 3: Open a Cash Account (optional) 

Trading Rules

  • Trading Hours: from 8am-11: 30 am
  • Trading Days: from Monday to Friday except for public holidays
  • Type of Orders: Limit Order, Market Order, Negotiated Order
  • Trading Unit and Tick Size
  • Daily Price Change Limit
  • Daily price change limit shall be ±10% of the Base-Price.