Fundamental Analysis

Investors who prefer to do the trading based on fundamental analysis approach shall look at company financial reports, corporate information, public news, industry information, media analysis, rating agency’s reports, economic conditions, experts’ analysis, market data, etc., which are essential to their trading.

Technical Analysis

Investors who prefer to do their trading based on technical analysis approach shall focus on the past data and trends, including daily price change of each stock, etc., which are all basically depicted on the graph that investors can find on the company website or CSX’s website.

Reading Annual Report

Reading annual report is important, it's also in the fundamental analysis since you may know the company business plan, strategy, income statement and so on.  

Reading Financial Statements

Reading Financial Statement is the most reliable way to know if a company is doing well or struggling to survive. There are three different kinds of financial statement, Balance Sheet, Incom Statement, And Cash flow Statement.