POIPET PPSEZ Welcomes the First Tenant


អ្នកសសេរអត្ថបទ: PPSP


បានបង្ហោះនៅថ្ងៃទី 12-Apr-2018

After few years of infrastructure development, Poipet PPSEZ opens to welcome its first tenant- Sumitronics Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Phnom Penh, 10th April 2018 – The two companies, represented by Lok Chumteav Oknha Lim Chhiv Ho, Chairwoman of Poipet PPSEZ CO., LTD., and Mr Noriya Mifune, Chairman ofSumitronics Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. signed the land lease agreement. The renowned Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) company from Japan is becoming the first tenant of Poipet PPSEZ.

Sumitronics Manufacturing has been operating in rental factory in Poipet city since 2016. This time they decided to set up a new facility of their own for further expansion inside Poipet PPSEZ.  

"We are very proud to welcome Sumitronics Manufacturing to Poipet PPSEZ," said Mr Hiroshi Uematsu, Director of Poipet PPSEZ CO., LTD, “Sumitronics Manufacturing is the first company to join us. We expect more companies to set up their operations at Poipet PPSEZ in the near future.”

This transaction involves the purchase of 1ha of land with an option of 1Ha expansion in the near future. Soon after the land lease agreement is signed, all the necessary preparation for factory construction will start immediately.

"Poipet with its strategic location, geographical connectivity, and abundant young labour force, is becoming a regional hotspot for industrial development in Inter-ASEAN, especially under new economic development model called “Thai +1”. The Royal Government of Cambodia has also put a lot of effort into the infrastructure development to stimulate cross-border business activities, such as new international border gate development, railway rehabilitation, road expansion etc.” said Mr. Hiroshi Uematsu.

This signing is a stepping stone for Poipet PPSEZ and Poipet city to become the driving force of Cambodian economy.